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  • Another tailoring: marking the pieces of an authentic Japanese kimono

    2023/01/09 by

    This is part II of an ongoing series on wasai. Look here for part I, which deals with measuring yourself and cutting your pieces, and here for the introduction. Now that you have your pieces cut, you need to mark them, since wasai doesn’t allow for notches, and the seam allowance (SA) varies depending on… Read more

  • Another tailoring: cutting an authentic Japanese kimono

    2022/12/31 by

    You have read my long rant here, have examined your motivations, and are determined to actually sew the kimono? Well let’s go then. First off, I want to once again specify we are going to work on an unlined kimono, or 単衣/hitoe. I think cutting is the most interesting part, as it is a zero… Read more

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