Hello there!

My name is Emilia, a sewing enthusiast and sustainability freak calling Tokyo home.

I started this blog to chronicle my sewing journey, patterns I love (and, let’s be honest, hate), projects I’m doing, and share what I learn along the way. My reasons for learning to sew were, originally, mostly ethical, as I did not and still do not want to support a capitalist system that exploits the workforce and the environment. Over the years sewing has become more and more of a creative outlet, a way to realize my vision of myself fully. It’s also the “excuse” I use to educate folks on different topics, most times only tangentially related to sewing.

I’m a proud queer non-binary person. I use they/them pronouns, and not a day goes by without me engaging on some political discussion on Instagram. If you enjoy my content I would really appreciate it if you could support me here.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I hate the color orange and celery with passion
  • I have an extensive collection of small plates
  • I am obsessed with labeling items

Hope you have fun reading my blog, and see you soon!

2 thoughts on “Hello there!”

  1. Hello Emilia, I am always amazed to see the interest of the younger generation in the field of sewing, the investment in know-how they make (tayloring, self-drafting…), the creativity they develop, while exploring societal issues such as ‘no-waste’, upcycling, ecology, inclusion etc… I started sewing when I was 8 in the 70’s, mostly with my mother and based on Burda Moden patters, as a ‘normal’ activity for a future ‘housewife’, even though my parents and grandmothers stressed the need to study in order to get out of the working-class condition. At the beginning of my sewing journey, the purpose of sewing was a means to acquire a wardrobe at a lower cost. Some years later, it has proven to be a balance to the virtuality I manage in my professional life (I’m IT ingineer) AND a window to the world. I spent some hours this week-end to read your blog, your Insta feed, and beg you to continue to offer your vision of sewing : it’s refreshing and inpirational !

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by! All the way to Japan and in the late 2010s, I also learned to sew with Burda Moden + sewing books inherited from my grandmother (the most recent dating 1952!). I think there has been a shift in sewing since the advent of Fast Fashion, as it’s now an expensive hobby for most. Still, the shift has also meant that we empathize different aspects of sewing, as you mention, from sustainability to inclusivity. Hope not to disappoint you as you follow along this journey!

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