New name, who this?

Hello friends! Welcome to my new and hopefully improved blog. In this inaugural post I'd like to explain why the rebrand was necessary for me at this point, and hope you'll want to follow along as before. After several years of being emilia_to_nuno everywhere, I have been feeling I had outgrown it for a while… Continue reading New name, who this?

Vogue 1645 by Rachel Comey

If there's an article of clothing besides suits I really love, it's jumpsuits. They have the practicality of a dress - one item, and you are done - but pants! Yes, some awkward toilet moments are inevitable when donning a jumpsuit, but to me the positives outweigh the negatives. It' no surprise that when I… Continue reading Vogue 1645 by Rachel Comey

Some thoughts on waste

Hey there! This post was originally published on blog over a year ago. I've decided to revisit for several reasons: I was asked about it in a podcast (have a listen to Clothes Making Mavens!), I'm planning to relaunch Kintsugi this year or early next year with a collection of one-of-a-kind kimono remakes only,… Continue reading Some thoughts on waste