My plans for 2020


Hope you had a peaceful end of the year AND of the decade. Things were very quite here, but I did burn out a bit trying to finish all my experiments by the end of December. That resulted in a very painful infection and being too tired to even enjoy some amazing food. But oh well!

Every year, people make resolutions, being it to go to the gym or taking up a new hobby.

I do the same, I won’t lie…though I’d like to write down what I intend start doing now so I can come back at the end of 2020 and see what actually worked and what, in hindsight, was a bad idea! I’ve done the #makenine challenge last year, but over the course of the months my priotities change, new patterns where released, and I got my hands on a lot of free worsted wool which desperately needed to be made into something. So, yeah, my make nine was mostly a failure.

This year, I’m starting small. I’ve set a few achievable goals, and if I do more, the better.

So here we go

Take up embrodery again. I used to embroider all the time when I was a child, but somehow I have not done much lately (that being the last few years or more!). I want to learn Bandera (free embroidery traditional where I’m from).

Image result for ricamo bandera
An example of Ricamo Bandera. Image from Associazione Ricami d’Arte Bandera

Sew dresses. My style is pretty much pants in every form but I do want to wear more dresses. I’ve got all these patterns lined up and ready to go, so I only need to toile them. Given the fact that space is not free here, and I have several options of dress fabric languishing in my closet and collecting dust, making dresses is a win-win.

My plan is to make the following:

• Vogue 2138 by Calvin Klein. I love the double-breasted garments, so when I saw this dress it was love at first sight. The princess seams make for an easy fitting experience, so I’m hopeful I’ll be able to make this dress soon. I’ve got some beautiful Zegna worsted wool I’m planning to use. I also have some linen which would be ideal for the short-sleeved version.

• Vogue 1501. I’m probably the last person on earth to make this dress, but I have fabric for it so why not? Whether the faux-tuck is for me is yet to be seen.

• DP studios Le 913. Another “love at first sight dress”. I’ve never had a bustier garment (except, well, underwear!) so I was intrigued when I saw this design. The style lines are very interesting, and the high-low hem sealed the deal for me. I’m planning to use another Zegna fabric in a very dark charcoal. This is the most risqué of the patterns I’ve selected, as exposing any bust skin is a no-no in Japan. On the other hand, I can always layer a jersey underneath it for a more SFW look.

• Vogue 2606. Ok, this is due to Erica Bunker, a blogger I admire immensely for her ability, style, and sass (not to mention she is an Alabamian like my husband). I saw her version and I was smitten! I want to make the long view for all the black tie events I go to(JK! I just love it…bias cut skirts are an amazing invention)…and possibly the gloves too, haha!

Dedicate more time to tailoring. If you have been following along my Instagram, You may have seen a lot of wool pants. As my Grad School days reach an end (possibly soonish…but never say never) and the job hunting begins, I see myself drawn more and more to suits. After a successful linen suit adventure, I’m now making two more, using fabrics I have. I find the whole process of eternal padstitching very relaxing, but time consuming, whereas sometimes I just want to make a garment I want to wear tomorrow…does the struggle sound familiar? I want to push myself to sewing less but better, and up my couture sewing game.

This is all for me today! I wish you all happy new year of the Metal Mouse!


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