Ready for summer: linen Persephone pants

Summer you say? But look at that sky!

Oh, my first blog post!

To be fair, this is by no means the first blog I start. Once I had a decently successful science divulgation blog (I was an undergrad, it was a simpler, way more carefree time!). For a while now I have felt the need to share my makes not only on Instagram, but also via a blog. Mostly it’s because my captions have become so long I got the impression nobody was reading them!

This is also a way to keep myself accountable while sewing. I organize my makes into endless Trello boards, but having them categorized and accompanied with some writing should, in principle, help me look back at what I own and wear. I am very style-conscious (meaning, I want to have a consistent style), and I hope a blog will make me achieve that. Or no! we’ll see!

Now, I am not sure how long I can keep this up, hence the dubious sub-domain WordPress have given me. Regardless, I want to share with you all my latest make, aka my first take on the Anna Allen’s Persephone pants.

Persephone pants: the perfect pants to dance on a fountain.

I really love this pattern. It is a very flattering design, and makes me look like I am all legs. It is my third version, after a pair of shorts and a full length pair in buck canvas for winter.

I did all my standard modifications, directly on the fabric, as I am now very familiar with the drafting of these pants:

  • swayback adjustment
  • graded the waist in by 4 cm
  • decreased the crotch length by 1.5 cm
  • took in the inseam from the crotch about 1 cm to nothing at the knee

I also omitted the pockets since in all my previous versions they turned out to be quite useless, especially since I like a tight fit in the belly and high hip area. I may add one patch pocket on the back, though I really believe that back pockets disrupt the line of any pair of trousers. Not a fan!

The major improvement in this pair is the curved waistband: I love how it lies nice and flat regardless of my body position.

I picked up a nice midweight linen from my stash, and now I feel a bit sad I don’t have enough for a matching jacket.

Compared to my previous version, which I made last September, these give a totally different vibe. If the canvas pair is structured and absolutely void of anything with may resemble drape, this pair is flowy and breezy, ideal for the Japanese summer. I am also embracing all the wrinkles which form even by just looking at these pants.

I really recommend this pattern, especially if you have a bit more time and can make a muslin. The lack of side seems renders these pants quite unique, and for sure you will get many compliments every time you wear them.

This is all for today, folks!

See ya soon,


2 thoughts on “Ready for summer: linen Persephone pants”

  1. I just discovered your blog after admiring your IG feed while I was researching Paper Theory’s new Miller Trousers. Keep on posting! It’s fun to read a real blog post about a make for a change! I love your style and admire your ability to adhere to a rather strict aesthetic.

    1. Thank you! I’ve been dressing in monochrome for some years now and seem to have found my aesthetic. It has been a process! As for the blog, I’m planning more project posts as well as a series on..wool. I’ve been very busy lately and miss blogging very much!

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