Me Made May 2020 Recap

This was indeed a strange Me Made May, in an even stranger year, and while I did make a very rewarding self-discovery journey, I can’t help feeling anxiety, pain, and a complete loss of faith in humanity. I’ve ranted plenty IRL and on Instagram for a day, so I’ll keep this strictly sewing-related.

As I promised myself, I did tackle my alteration pile, and managed to get the new lining and new shoulder-ads in my linen suit by the middle of the month, when it was also warm enough to wear it. Considering that all this had to be done by hand, I call it a success, haha!

So here is a recap, plus some analysis. First, these are the looks I shared on my Instagram.

I’m seeing that my style as sort of gone back to the “art teacher in Vermont” kind of aesthetic, meaning loose silhouettes and soft fabric, in contrast to what I wear in winter, which tends to be more tailored and…well…menswear adapted to my hips, haha. I often feel the “mid-season” is where my style shows its most evident signs of being all over the place. Live and learn, I guess!

Seeing these pictures all at once gives me the push I need to visualize where I want my sewing and, consequently, my style to go, despite having said at the beginning of the year I wanted to make more dresses (to be fair, I still want to make this bias cut gown, because any person needs a gown in their life, imo).

More suits seems to be the most obvious answer (one foolproof combo which makes you dressed and put together at once? Where can I sign?), though I may make more jumpsuits too (the idea of wearing a jacket in summer makes me sweat). I love the bodice of the Axis dress, especially after seeing it on Tatjana, but would rather hack it to a jumpsuits…with pockets…thoughts? I did think of making it into a maxi with deep slit (go big or go home), but I’m not sure how much I’d actually wear, as I have plenty of femme things I already barely wear!

Here is a geeky breakdown for you, because I love graphs.

Not surprisingly, I basically wore the same pants all month long. These pants are all very comfortable, though after a month of elasticated waists I do miss a zipper! And wearing boots. In addition, the most worn tops (and what I find the most frustrating not to find in the closet when I need to do laundry) are my shirts. I’m desperate for more, but a lack of shirting fabric in my stash and my current own personal toiles and tribulations have put that on hold. I’m so looking forward to a time where I have perfected my own patter and can make 10 shirts in series. One day, folx, one day!

I often get told that my style is very consistent, however, I don’t feel that way. I was very happy and confident in my winter wardrobe and developing of tailoring skills, but I’m now a bit at a loss. I guess I’ll just have to take it one day at the time for now.

Keep safe.


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