Me Made May 2021 | Week 2

Week 2 is here and with it many suits, many suits…or rather, the same two suits and a spezzato, but several different ties!

On Monday I decided to try not wearing a suit and instead opted to wear my favorite RTW blazer (a YSL find from my local second hand shop) and the Viki Sews Adelina in Vitale Barberis Canonico (VBC) covert cloth. The shirt is my usual model which I’m wearing here with a collar bar. I also made the tie, in silk taffeta.

Tuesday I went back to a suit and a tie from my village. I did not wear a pocket square and instead was wearing my “they/them” pin. No excuse for getting my pronouns wrong haha.

I then did some modifications to the Adelinas and decided to wear them immediately. In this case, I decided to take in the side seam from the waist to the knee a bit. This solved the issue of pockets opening a lot when walking – which is partially inevitable, but can minimized. I also tried what I am thinking to wearing as a summer office look: self drafted stand collar shirt and blazer. This look got lots of compliments from my colleagues once they recovered from the shock of seeing me with no tie (!!!).

The rest of the week was more suits, more self drafted shirts, and more fun ties. Can’t wait to get more ties as this is a fun and easy way to add quirk and personality to any suit.

I really like the look below and especially this tie. It’s a vintage one from a Japanese store, and I have a particular penchant for vintage Japanese ties as they are shorter than contemporary ones. This is essential to me as I’m not massively tall (I’m 170 cm) and only wear high waisted trousers, making most ties comically long. I generally solve this issue by tucking the entire tie in my pants, which is…well, a look.

On Saturday I went for a relaxed look with a pattern that in Japan is called “Aloha Shirt” in quilting cotton, and vintage Levi’s I got one day my pants broke in a middle of a trip (the downside of packing light?).

In addition to this, I was going to write something poignant and I simply cannot. This week has been exhausting, threatening, scary. I will write on this more once it’s less raw, but for now just know that you don’t have to have an opinion. Sometimes silence is not violence. On the contrary, filtering every foreign occurrence through Western moral lenses is misguided at best and imperialist at worse.

Don’t add to the noise.



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